Swedish Remedial Massage

What Is Swedish/Remedial Massage?

Swedish Massage was developed in the early nineteenth century by a Swede, Henreich Ling (1776-1839). He used a scientific system of massage and exercise based on physiology which was not accepted by the medical profession for many years as a form of Treatment. In 1899 Sir William Bennett inaugurated a Massage Department at St. George’s Hospital, London

Swedish/Remedial Massage is defined as the manipulation of soft tissue for therapeutic purposes providing a deeper massage which has both physiological and psychological effects with the ability to stimulate and/or relax the body. This Treatment can be performed using talcum powder, oil or cream.

Can Swedish/Remedial Massage Help You?

The deep tissue work provided by Swedish/Remedial Massage can help with many deep rooted muscle aches and pains brought on by life’s daily falls and knocks and help alleviate tight and achy joints, as well as helping to soften scar tissue from old injuries.

Who Can Benefit From Swedish/Remedial Massage?

Swedish/Remedial Massage is a deep Treatment and is, therefore, not suitable for the young, old or frail.

What Happens During And After Swedish/Remedial Massage Treatments?

On your first visit the Swedish/Remedial Massage Therapist will carry out a consultation. Your Treatment will be discussed and agreed with you prior to application.